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Schuster Announcements & Press Releases

Tamura-Europe Limited to acquire transformer manufacturer Romarsh Ltd....

(press release May 6, 2010)

Tamura-Europe Limited (Headquarters; Hopton Industrial Estate, London Road, Devizes, Wiltshire SN10 2EY, United Kingdom) are pleased to announce the completion of the acquisition of Calne, Wiltshire in UK based transformer manufacturer Romarsh Ltd.

Tamura-Europe Ltd. is one of the main operating divisions of the Tamura Corporation a company based and listed in Japan. Tamura Corporation is a world-class manufacturer of high quality electronic components for the global industrial, telecom and consumer markets. Tamura Corporation has global sales of Yen77.5b (USD790m) and employs 7,000 people. Tamura serves 3 primary market segments:- Electronic Components (including transformers), Electronic Chemicals and Soldering Systems, and Information Equipment.

The acquisition marks a major step in Tamura-Europe Ltd’s continuing expansion in the manufacture of medium to large size transformers and reactors for traction, safe and renewable energy markets. Tamura-Europe Ltd has geographical responsibility for Europe. Middle East and India, with offices in the Czech Republic, France, India and Italy

Tamura Corporation has a long standing capability to design and manufacture smaller transformers. The Group have made the strategic decision to move into the design and manufacture of larger wound components and the acquisition of Romarsh provide them with both design and manufacturing capability to help achieve this goal.

Romarsh Ltd will retain its name and continue to operate from the Calne site as a separate subsidiary company of Tamura-Europe Limited retaining the existing staff and management

Tamura Europe Ltd. (formerly known as Tamura Hinchley Ltd.) have a very long association with Wiltshire and had major manufacturing facilities in the Devizes area from 1949 until 2002 when a the rapid decline in their market for small transformers forced them to cease manufacturing in Devizes. The Company maintained it’s Registered office and headquarters and administration, sales and design facilities in offices in Hopton Industrial Estate whilst expanding it’s operations in Europe.

Schuster Electronics, Inc...

Established in 1904, Schuster represents over 75 franchised manufacturers with a total of 250 current suppliers. This includes offshore sourcing with their Blue Wave division of seven years, dedicated to the global sourcing of components.

For more information, contact:
Schuster Electronics
11320 Grooms Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45242
Phone: (513) 489-1400
Fax: (513) 489-8686
E-Mail: sales@schusterusa.com

Industry & Product Highlights

Altech Stainless Steel Enclosed Motor Disconnect Switch

Stainless Steel Enclosed Motor Disconnect Switch...

Altech's Stainless Steel Enclosed Motor Disconnect Switch enclosures are ideal where chemicals are used for cleaning and maintenance such as food processing plants and breweries. Mining is another application area. Their stainless steel construction is extremely resistant to corrosion, and the enclosure is also rated to IP66.

  • 3-4 poles
  • General Purpose Current: 25A - 125A
  • Maximum Voltage: 600V AC
  • Motor FLA @ 480V AC: 17.5A - 34A
  • Motor FLA @ 600V AC: 11A - 68A
  • 1 Phase and 3 Phase Horsepower Rating
  • Short Circuit withstand Rating at 600V with Max. Fuse
  • Terminal Size Acceptability: 14-8AWG
  • Environmental Rating: NEMA Type 4X

(rev. 2/17/2010)


Altech Compact DIN Rail Power Supplies

Compact DIN Rail Power Supplies...

Altech Compact DIN Rail power supplies (PS-C...) are designed and manufactured for the high performance power supply market. Featuring up to 94% efficiency rating can provide a 100% of the continuously rated power with a 150% peak power for 3 seconds. With an active PFC function built in it fulfills the requirement of the EN 61000-3-2 for harmonic current so it can be used in any equipment that is being exported to Europe. The compact design helps save space on the din rail in the industrial panels, up to 50% smaller than similar competitor units. Additional features and benefits include:

  • Universal AC input 90-264V
  • High efficiency, up to 94% and low power dissipation
  • 150% peak load capacity
  • Short circuit protection
  • Overload protection
  • Over voltage protection
  • Over temperature protection
  • Cooling by free air convention
  • Compact size
  • DIN rail mounting
  • UL 508 (industrial control equipment) listed
  • EN61000-6-2 (EN50082-2 industrial immunity level
  • Approved for marine application
  • Approved for Semi-conductor equipment
  • Built-in DC OK relay contact
  • Built-in active PFC function ,PF>0.93
  • 100% full load burn-in test
  • 3 year warranty

Applications: factory automation, semi conductor fabrication, equipment, marine related applications, industrial panels (UL 508A) and electromechanical applications with medium to high power demand

(rev. 1/20/2010)


Altech Mainc Circuit Breakers TD / TS Series UL489 Listed

Mains Circuit Breakers UL489 Listed...

Altech's TD / TS -Series of MCBs, UL489 Listed Molded Case Circuit Breakers is and improved MCB design that allows for the Flange Mount Disconnect facility. This is a cable driven system with interrupt capacities are up to 100 KA, on a 240 volt design and 65 KA on the 480 volt designs. Features include:

  • 4 Frame Sizes
  • Compact Design
  • Thermal Magnetic
  • 240, 480, 600VAC
  • 3 Poles
  • Up to 100kA Short Circuit interrupting capacity
  • Circuit breakers are supplied with line and load terminals
  • HACR rated

Applications: Power distribution, power generation, motors, etc. Relatively short thermal trip delay and medium magnetic trip point.

(rev. 1/13/2010)


Altech UL508 Manual Motor Contol

New, Improved UL508 Manual Motor Control / Miniature Circuit Breakers...

Altech UL508 Listed Manual Motor Controllers are suitable as Motor Disconnect. The new improved design maintains same UL/CSA approved reliability.

New features:

  • Standard Dual Terminal: Unique for industry standard box & ring tongue terminal
  • Reinforced Housing: Added ridges and new housing design improves overall product strength
  • Modern Look with New Color: Dark blue handle and terminal caps enhance appearance and match imprint
  • Marking Window: Large marking area with clear swivel window screen

Existing features:

  • 6 Trip characteristics
  • DIN Rail Mounted
  • Thermal Magnetic
  • 480Y / 277V AC, 50Hz / 60Hz
  • 10kA Short Circuit
  • Withstand Capacity

Applications: AC Motor Starting (across the line, AC General Use / AC Resistance, AC Discharge Lamps (Ballast), AC Incandescent Lamps (Tungsten)

Click to view the UL508 product brochure.

(rev. 1/6/2010)


Altech EK Enclosures for Solar Applications

Enclosures for Solar Applications...

Altech Corp. has Polycarbonate enclosures that are UL Listed with NEMA Type 4 protection rating. They are perfect for harsh outdoor environments due to the wide temperature range, UV resistant and flame retardant materials. The EK Enclosures come in 5 sizes to accommodate 2 to 24 poles of DIN rail mount circuit breakers or other electrical devices such as disconnect switches and surge suppressors. Features include:

  • Transparent hinged door for easy access and visibility of electrical components
  • Shrouded cutout provides access to components while isolating wiring
  • Integral seals
  • Push release door latches with optional keylock
  • Pre-installed DIN rails below door opening
  • Integral mounting locations in base

Applications: Solar Combiner Box, Portable Power Distribution, Control Panel, Disconnect Housing, Breaker Box, Meter Housing

Contact your Schuster sales representative today for more information or click to review the brochure on Altech's EK Enclosures.

(rev. 8/5/2009)

American Zettler
American Zettler Solar Products

American Zettler Enters the U.S. Solar Energy Relay Market...

After becoming the number one supplier in sales volume in the European solar energy industry, the largest solar market in the world, American Zettler, Inc. is launching a line of relays specifically designed for the U.S. market. Each of the relays in the new solar line is designed to meet UL and VDE standards. “American Zettler has seven relays designed for use in photovoltaic solar energy systems, each of them meeting or exceeding industry standards,” said Dave West, vice
president of Sales, American Zettler, Inc. “Our solar relays offer customers a wide selection of options featuring a large amperage range and the widest contact gaps on the market of 1.5 mm up to 6 mm.” The relays are designed to be used in high power sources such as power amplifiers, solar inverters, wind inverters and any application requiring high loads to be switched and carried. Below are the feature highlights for each of the new solar energy market relays.

  • AZ733W – DPST Miniature Power Relay, 10A, 2 pole, 1.5 mm contact gap
  • AZ2150W – 30A Minuature Power Relay, 1 pole, 1.75 mm contact gap
  • AZ2704 – 30A Power Relay, 2 pole, 2.4 mm contact gap
  • AZSR – 35A Miniature Power Relay, 2 pole, 1.75 mm contact gap (AZSR235)
  • AZ2501 – 50A Latching Power Relay, 1 pole, 1.75 mm contact gap
  • AZSR – 50A Miniature Power Relay, 2 pole, 1.75 mm contact gap (AZSR250)
  • XMC0 (Contactor) – 50A Definite Purpose Contactors, 2 pole, 6 mm contact gap

“American Zettler is excited to be entering into the U.S. solar energy market,” said West. “We look forward to bringing our U.S. customers the same innovative technology that is being used by solar inverter and charge control manufacturers around the world”.

Click for datasheets for the American Zettler products available for the solar energy relay market.

(rev. 6/23/2010)


American Zettler AZ9371 Sensitive Subminiature Relays Series

Sensitive Subminiature Relays...

American Zettler, Inc.’s AZ9371 series subminiature relays combine an extremely small PCB foot print, reduced power consumption and high isolation in a compact 148 sq mm package.

“We have developed the new five and 10 Amp relays in answer to customer demands in the marketplace,” said Dave West, vice president of Sales, American Zettler, Inc. “These small form factor relays are only 7 mm wide but can withstand 4k Vrms and still have less power consumption as compared to the competition.”

Built in American Zettler’s state-of-the-art facility, the new AZ9371 series relays are UL, CUR certified and VDE pending. The 10 Amp relays (AZ9371T) have the highest amperage switching capability available for this relay type in the industry. The relays are available in two PCB footprint types – standard pinning outline dimensions and version “K” pinning outline dimensions. Features include:

  • 5 and 10 Amp Contact Rating
  • Ultra-slim Size
  • High Coil Sensitivity (113mW)
  • High Dielectric Rating: 4kVrms

(rev. 5/5/2010)

Ampenol PT Miniature Cylindrical Connector Series

Miniature Cylindrical Connectors meet MIL-C-26482...

Amphenol® PT Miniature Cylindrical Connectors offer twice the number of contacts in just half the size of a Standard connector. These miniature connectors are available in several series, each with varying design characteristics and customer options to meet cost considerations and provide maximum design flexibility. There are two styles within the family that are MS approved and qualified to MIL-C-26482 Series 1, and in addition there are several proprietary styles. Features include:

  • ¼ Turn Mating
  • Versatility for Power and Signal
  • Triple Fully Mated Indicators
  • Waterproof to IP67 standard
  • Resilient Neoprene Insert
  • Variety of Shell Styles
  • Available with Solder, Crimp, PCB, Coax, Thermocouple, or Hermetic
  • Contacts may be Plated with Gold or Silver
  • Intermateable/Interchangeable with Cannon’s KPT Series
  • Variety of Finishes Available
  • 107 Different Insert Arrangements
  • Rugged Construction
  • Variety of Back End Fittings
  • Double Stub Thread Coupling available

Markets: Instrumentation, Offshore Monitoring Equipment, Rail/Mass Transit, Machine Tool, Military/Aerospace, Factory Automationm, Heavy Equipment, Communications, Process Control, Geophysical, Medical, Industrial Controls & Robotics, Oil & Petrochemical Industries

(rev. 3/25/2010)


Amphenol ACA-B Series

Reverse Bayonet Coupling Connectors...

The Amphenol-Industrial ACA-B Series is designed for commercial and Industrial environments requiring a rugged bayonet style connector for heavy duty power and signal applications. A comprehensive selection of insert arrangements and accessory hardware configurations are featured to accommodate heavy-duty, commercial wire and cable. ACA-B is manufactured in accordance with MIL-C-5015 and VG95234. The insulators are made of high quality polychloroprene material and can withstand temperatures of –55 to +125 degrees C. The rugged shell is made from aluminum alloy and plated with a variety of finishes to meet any application. Contacts are machined from copper alloy or brass and can be plated with gold or silver. Features include:

  • Quick positive coupling
  • Audible and tactile indication of full coupling
  • Waterproof
  • No lockwiring required
  • High shock and vibration capabilites
  • Inserts available in Neoprene material (alternate insert materials available upon request)
  • Operating temperature range with Neoprene inserts: –55°C to +125°C
  • Available in both crimp and solder terminations
  • Contacts available in gold and silver plating
  • Numerous finishes available
  • Zinc alloy plating (cadmium free) available
  • Rugged construction; aluminum or stainless steel components
  • Intermateable with existing VG95234 connectors
  • 500 couplings minimum

Markets: Military, Automation, Machine Tool, Robotics, Instrumentation, Process Control, Material Handling, Test and Measurement

(rev. 3/25/2010)

API Delevan
API Delevan Shielded Surface Mount Power Inductors

Shielded Surface Mount Power Inductors...

API Delevan has introduced three new series of shielded surface mount power inductors: SP1812, SP1210, & SP1008.  Recognizing the needs of design engineers, these power series are sized to industry standard packages for ease of circuit board layout. Features include:

  • High current capabilities
  • Standard surface mount package sizes
  • Magnetically shielded to minimize cross talk allowing for tighter assembly
  • Epoxy molded for durability.
  • Tight Tolerances down to 2%
  • Custom designs are available

Inductance for series SP1008 range from 0.27µH to 100µH and max current ratings from 1.07A DC to 0.102A DC; series SP1210 range from 0.47µH to 390µH and max current ratings from 1.44A DC to 0.080A DC; series SP1812 range from 1.0µH to 390µH and max current ratings from 1.58A DC to 0.136A DC. All operate between –55°C and +125°C and are available with either Traditional Tin-Lead or Lead Free*, Tin-Silver-Copper termination finishes.   (*Parts comply with EU Directive 2002/95/EC and Applicable Amendments)

Applications: Military, Aerospace and Defense; Medical; Automotive Brake Systems; Electronic Test Equipment; DC – DC Converters (e.g. Buck-Boost Converters); Voltage Regulation; Environmental Operating Temperature Range -55°C to 125°C

(rev. 9/16/2009)

Aries CSP Test Socket

New CSP Optical FA Test Sockets for EMMI or Optical Sensor Applications...

Aries Electronics now offers a CSP test socket with a window that optically exposes 100% of the top of the DUT (device under test) for FA (failure analysis) testing for EMMI (emission microscopy) or optical sensor applications. Traditionally, a hole in the socket lid only exposes a maximum of 85% of the top of the DUT surface.

Available with or without filters for UV, infrared and full spectrum applications, Aries’ new optical FA test socket can be used for laser FA microscopy testing using EMMI and LSIM (laser signal injection microscopy) techniques.  These FA techniques are efficient, non-invasive optical analysis tools used to detect and localize certain IC failures with maximum clarity and contrast.  The techniques can be performed from either the front or back of the device.

The optical test socket line can accommodate many different optical window and lens materials, including quartz crystal, sapphire and clear plastic depending on operational requirements.  The window on the standard socket uses a high-quality optical quartz V077 glass with a 98% transmission rate from <260 nm in the near UV through to >2,000 nm in the infrared.

The new test socket can be matched to any existing socket footprint (from Aries or any other manufacturer), allowing an existing PCB to be used for FA testing or for combined testing requirements.  The socket can accommodate IC device sizes from 0.75 mm² and up and with an IC pitch from 0.30 mm and higher. Please consult Aries for device sizes greater than 40 mm and for custom footprint layouts.

The standard contact system uses the patented Aries 2-piece spring probes with an estimated contact life of 500,000 cycles and an operating temperature of -55°C to +150°C (-67°F to +302°F).  High-speed spring probes and conductive elastomeric Kapton interposers are available for RF applications from 1 GHz to over 40 GHz.

(rev. 6/30/2010)


ATL Technology
ATL Technology Medical Cable Assemblies and Harnesses

Medical Cable Assemblies and Harnesses...

ATL Technology has worked with medical companies and design agencies to create dozens of medical related interconnect solutions including "smart cables" with embedded PCB surface mount components. Unique connector solution are designed to meet specific requirements of OEM medical projects at a competitive price. They also overmold specialty connectors from medical connector suppliers and design precision interconnect solutions to the customers quality standards.

Cost Effective Components and Interconnect Solutions built with quality in mind:

  • ISO 9001 Registered Facility
  • ISO 14001 Registered Facility
  • ANSI/AAMI EC-53 Cable and Lead Standard Compliant
  • ISO 13485 Registered Facility - Estimated Completion Date 09/2009
  • FDA Registered Materials
  • UL ZPFW2/ZPFW8 Wire Harness Recognized Facility
  • Customer Audits Welcome

ATL provides cost effective products, in-house design solutions, and short leadtime development processes at the quality standards required for medical applications. Learn more on the ATL Technology website.

(rev 7/21/2009)

AZ Displays
AZ Displays Revolutionary Displays on E-Paper

Revolutionary Displays on E-Paper...

As AZ Displays takes technology to the next level once again, Schuster Electronics offers their newest product today, Electronic Paper (E-Paper) Displays. The environmentally friendly E-Paper displays have a paper-like contrast and a 180 degree viewing cone, making them readable from any angle.

Available in five (ED050SC3), six (ED060SC4) and 9.7 inch (ED097OC1) diameters, the E-Paper displays work by charging colored particles with different polarizations. "This makes E-Paper superior to other electronic display technologies used for displaying black and white content or gray scale graphics because the information is still visible for up to five years after the display is removed from its power source. The displayed content can be refreshed with very little power to start a new cycle," said Dmitriy Demidov, AZ Displays' National Sales Manager. "E-paper gives the reader a similar experience to that of reading a traditional newspaper making it ideal for electronic reading devises." Advantages include:

  • Paper-like contrast
  • Bi-stability (low or no power consumption). Image will be visible even after power source is removed.
  • Reflectance ~ 40%
  • Sunlight readability
  • No flickering effects
  • Readable at any angle - 180 degrees viewing cone
  • Landscape and portrait mode interchangeability
  • Anti-glare coating on front surface
  • Environmentally friendly (no toxic wastes associated with disposal of liquid crystals)
  • Thin and lightweight profile

Applications: book and newspaper reading devices, electronic shelf tags, grocery carts and other forms of advertisement banners up to 30", restaurant menus, radio-frequency updateable ID name badges, floor mats with changeable arrow signs, solar-powered applications, etc.

(rev 10/27/2009)


AZ Displays Open Frame Monitors

Open Frame Monitors with Touchscreen...

AZ Displays' Open Frame Monitor series are rugged, high performance Industrial LCD Monitors, designed for commercial and industrial applications, such as kiosks, arcade games, ATM Machines, aviation simulators, military, medical, marine, security, industrial equipment, and instrumentation equipment. This product can provide high brightness and contrast to achieve better viewing effect.

AZ Displays' Open Frame Monitors are Standard Plug-and-Play Solutions and come in a KIT with all necessary components to power them up for immediate use. Please see PDF files for a list of components included in each KIT. Selection of Standard Open Frame Monitors available:

  • 8.0" @ 800 x R.G.B. x 600: 5 Wire Resistive Touch Panel with RS-232 Interface, CVBS Interface, S-VIDEO Interface, VGA Interface, AC to DC Adapter (100-240VAC 50-60Hz or +12VDC @ 3A), Power Cord, Video Cable, S-Video Cable, VGA Cable, RS-232 Cable, Touch Screen Driver CD Disk
  • 12.1" @ 800 x R.G.B. x 600: 5 Wire Resistive Touch Panel with USB Interface, CVBS Interface, S-VIDEO Interface, VGA Interface, AC to DC Adapter (100-240VAC 50-60Hz or +12VDC @ 3A), Power Cord, Video Cable, S-Video Cable, VGA Cable, USB Cable, Touch Screen Driver CD Disk
  • 15.0" @ 1024 x R.G.B. x 768: CVBS Interface, S-VIDEO Interface, VGA Interface, AC to DC Adapter (100-240VAC 50-60Hz or +12VDC @ 3A), Power Cord, Video Cable, S-Video Cable, VGA Cable

(rev 9/22/2009)

BI Technologies
BI Technologies HM72B

Robust High Power Molded Inductor for Harsh Environments...

BI Technologies has developed a new surface mount power inductor. Designated the HM72B Series, the highly efficient, compact inductor measures just 6.8mm x 7.23mm, with a maximum board height of 3.0mm, and is designed for use in harsh environments.

Typical inductance values for the HM72B surface mount power inductor range from 0.10µH to 33mH. Heating current ranges from 1.8Adc to 26.2Adc, and saturation levels range from 3.5Adc to 60Adc.  Operating temperature ranges from -40°C to +155°C, with a maximum temperature rise rating of 50°C.  Typical DC resistance ranges from 1.5m to 302m. The HM72B inductors are available in 2000-piece tape and reel packages. Custom devices are also available.

Applications: servers, notebooks, work stations, DC/DC converters, point-of-load modules, telecom and datacom equipment, and LED lighting drivers

(rev. 4/7/2010)


BI Technologies HA73 Series High Current Surface Mount Power Inductor

High Current Surface Mount Power Inductor...

BI Technologies has developed a high current surface mount power inductor. Designated the HA73 Series, the inductor features a high saturation core material and an operating frequency up to 800kHz, while measuring just 19.2mm x 19.6mm with a height of 12.2mm.

The HA73 Series inductors feature a typical rated inductance range from 13.5µH to 29.5µH, with a typical rated current range from 6.5A to 9A, depending on the device. Heating current ranges from 8A to 12A, with a saturation current from 9A to 13A. Typical DC resistance for the inductor ranges from 12.8m to 28.6m. Operating temperature ranges from -40°C to +155°C, and maximum temperature rise is +50°C. 

(rev. 2/24/2010)

Cosel USA
Cosel Noise Filter EA Series

Noise Filters have been downsized...

Cosel has downsized their single phase 3A to 30A EMI filters with the new EA Series. The noise filter's size are significantly reduced as it now fits 1U requirement. Features include:

  • Single Phase
  • AC25OV 3-30A
  • Operating temperature: -40 C~+85 C
  • Outer dimensions (WxHxD)/weight: 39 x 30 x 85mm (excluding projections) / 170g max
  • Safety agency approvals: UL1283, CSA C22.2 No.8 (C-UL) DIN EN60939 VDE0565 Tell3-1, ENEC (other than DC input)
  • 5-year warranty (with conditions)

(rev 5/12/2010)


Cosel LFA Series PCB Single Output Power Supply

PCB Single Output Power Supply...

Cosel's LFA Series PCB single output power supply is small (achived 28-38% smaller than LDA/LEA Series in area) with 29 models in 5-wattage range from 10-75w with 3.3-48V.

  • Features
    • Small (achived 28-38% smaller than existing our product in area) and compact PCB construction
    • Size dimensions compatible with LGA series, AC100V Rugged PCB type P.S.(50/75W)
    • Universal input (AC85 - 264V)
    • Harmonic attenuator (Complies with IEC61000-3-2)
    • New design circuitry decreases power consumption during stand-by periods(10/15W)
    • Built in power factor correction circuitry for decreased AC input capacity(50/75W)
    • Built-in inrush current, overcurrent and overvoltage protection circuits
  • Safety agency approvals: UL60950-1, C-UL (CSA60950-1) recognized, EN60950-1 approved; Complies with DEN-AN
  • CE marking: Low Voltage Directive; EMC Directive
  • Environment: RoHS directive
  • 5-year warranty (with conditions)

(rev 4/28/2010)

Cosel DPG Series

Improved Power Factor Module with Harmonic Attenuator...

The Cosel DPG series is improved power factor module with harmonic attenuator, half brick size, and two power types of 500W(AC200V) and 750W(AC200V).

  • Features
    • High efficiency 93% (AC100V), 96% (AC200V)
    • Universal input voltage (AC85 - 264V)
    • Built-in inrush current protection
    • Enable signal (ENA)
    • Auxiliary power supply for external signal (AUX)
    • Harmonic attenuator (Complies with IEC61000-3-2)
  • Safety agency approvals: L60950-1, C-UL recognized, TÜV approved
  • CE marking: Low voltage directive
  • Environment: RoHS directive
  • 5-year warranty

(rev 4/21/2010)


E-Switch | Lamb Industries
E-Switch WBL Illumiated Pushbutton Switch

WBL Illuminated Pushbutton Switch...

E-Switch introduces the WBL Illuminated Pushbutton Switch. The WBL Illuminated pushbutton switch features 2 or 4 pole options. You can choose multiple LED colors, including red, green, yellow, blue or even none, along with many variations of those. With latching or momentary configuration options, this illuminated pushbutton switch works great in the consumer electronics, telecommunications, audio visual and medical equipment industries. Also comes with an optional button/cap. Specifications include:

  • LIFE EXPECTANCY (Mechanical): 10,000 cycles
  • DIELECTRIC STRENGTH: 500 VAC for 60 seconds
  • ACTUATION FORCE: 200 ± 100g
  • TRAVEL: Full: 3.30 +/- 0.3mm; To Lock: 2.50 +/-0.3mm

Markets: consumer electronics, telecommunications, audio visual and medical equipment industries

(rev. 3/24/2010)


E-Switch TL2205 Illuminated Pushbutton Switch

TL2205 Illuminated Pushbutton Switch...

E-Switch introduces the TL2205 Illuminated Pushbutton Switch. The TL2205 series illuminated pushbutton switch has a lot to offer. This pushbutton switch has either momentary or latching designs and a long travel. The illumination options for the LED pushbutton offer you a variety of colors, and an optional black button/cap with an LED window. This illuminated pushbutton is popular in the telecommunications, networking, low power on/off designs, and performance audio markets. Specifications include:

  • MECHANICAL LIFE: 10,000 cycles
  • RATING: 100mA @ 30VDC
  • FORCE: 250 +/- 100g
  • TRAVEL: Full: 2.5 +/- 0.3mm: To Lock: 1.5 +/- 0.3mm

Markets: telecommunications, networking, low power on/off designs, and performance audio markets

(rev. 3/24/2010)


E-Switch LP37 Series Illuminated Pushbutton Switch

Right Angle Illuminated Pushbutton Switch...

E-Switch announces the launch of their latest illuminated pushbutton switch, the LP37 series. The LP37 series illuminated switch features a right angle, surface mount design with long travel. LED colors of red, green and yellow are available. Specifications include:

  • Mechanical Life: 30,000 cycles
  • Force: 250 +/- 100 grams
  • Travel: Full: 5.1 +/- 0.5mm; Switching: 2.95 mm nom; Latching: 3.3mm nom
  • Contact Arrangement: SPDT
  • Contact Rating: 3\20mVDC to 50VDC; 10mA to 250mA
  • Contact Resistance: 50milliohms (initial max)
  • Insulation Resistance: 1,000Megaohms (min @ 100VDC)
  • Dielectric Strength: 250VAC
  • Operating/Storage Temperature: -30C to +85C

Markets: telecommunications, consumer electronics, networking, low power on/off designs, performance audio and computer

(rev. 3/17/2010)


FEMA Electronics Corporations
Fema Custom Membrane Switches

Custom Membrane & Keypad Switch Assemblies...

Fema Electronics Corporation offers membrane switches, overlays, and nameplates that are water and humidity resistant. These top-quality, durable, reliable products are suitable for use in computers, instruments, electronic, and electric goods. Membrane Switch highlights include:

  • Embossed overlay (for tactile feel)
  • Mylar domes and metal domes (for tactile feel)
  • UV hard coat flat key on surface
  • EMI, RFI, and ESD shielding
  • Any shape of keys
  • Transparent and abrasion resistant windows
  • Multi-color, reverse side printing
  • LED under diffused windows
  • Solder pin female connector attachment
  • Wide variety of textured overlays including matte gloss overlays
  • Material of overlay: PE (polyester) or PC (polycarbonate)

(rev 10/27/2009)

Hammond Manufacturing

Hammond Manufacturing Series 1418 Industrial Enclosure

NEMA 12 Single Door Freestanding Enclosures...

Hammond Manufacturing offers their NEMA 12 Industrial Enclosures 1418 Series. The single door freestanding enclosures with either single or dual access are designed to house electrical, electronic, hydraulic or pneumatic controls with provision for panel mounting or rack mounting of equipment. The enclosures protect equipment from falling dirt, dust, oil and water. Available with front access only or both front and rear access. There are a variety of inner panels, rack mounting rails and swing out frames available to provide flexibility in mounting arrangements. The enclosure construction general features include:

  • Formed 12 gauge steel.
  • Smooth, continuously welded seams without knockouts, cutouts or holes.
  • Lifting eyes provide for easy enclosure handling.
  • Doors are supported with heavy gauge continuous hinges.
  • Doors are secured with a three point latch and operated with a key locking automotive type handle.
  • Latch rods are equipped with rollers for easier door closing.
  • Oil resistant gaskets are permanently secured and mechanically retained.
  • Mounting channels are welded on the inside of the enclosure for mounting of optional inner panels or rack equipment rails.
  • A grounding stud is provided in the enclosure and a bonding stud is provided on the door.
  • A literature pocket is provided for the inside of the door (Two pockets are provided for dual access units).

(rev 9/22/2009)


Hantronix Custom Glass LCD

Custom Glass LCD...

One of Hantronix many strengths include the intricate design and production of custom glass LCD panels. Hantronix has the experience and technology to develop your custom LCD needs. This includes incorporating low operating voltage, wide operating temperature range and robust polarizers . Other capabilities include multiple sided LCD panel to fit your product shape and silk screening on LCD glass surface. Hantronix tooling is competitive with short lead times in delivering samples. Steps to develop Custom Glass LCD include:

  • Clarify LCD Glass Physical Dimensions (LCD Panel Check List)
  • Define Artwork of LCD Image: Segments / Icons
  • Quotation
  • Tooling Payment
  • Counter Drawing (1-2 weeks)
  • Sample Preparation (4-6 weeks)
  • Production (10-12 weeks)

Applications: Portable test equipment; Measuring device; Diagnostics device; Automotive display; Medical equipment; Electric, water, gas meters; Marine equipment; and Telecom products

Contact your Schuster Sales Representative with your custom LCD requirements.

(rev 10/27/2009)

Harting North America
Harting Han Yellock

Are you thinking ahead? Think the New Han-Yellock® Connector Series...

HARTING has launched a new rugged, innovative connector product series, the Han-Yellock® which retains the core functionality but differs significantly from current size and shape formats. The approach of this series makes many new functions possible, for example:

  • An internal, latched locking mechanism on the hood
  • Multiplies the potentials in the connector with Han-Yellock® modules
  • Usage of Han-Modular® modules with adapter frames
  • Insulators can snap into the front or back walls of the housing
  • Protected Earth contact (PE) in crimp or Quick Lock termination

These new technical features encourage sustained and effective improvements:

  • When purchasing products - Less article numbers and less inventory,
  • When planning for the electrical and mechanical layout – Less wiring work within a machine,
  • During the work flow – Less steps in the work flow and quicker assembly,
  • And during the after-sales stage – Reduced down times because of the latched locking mechanism and maintenance-friendly design

Thus, the Han-Yellock® offers improved functionality in the form of increased variability, multiplied potential, simplified handling, reduced incidence of errors and maximized safety. Advantages include:

  • Single handed operation
  • Audible and visible locking status
  • No assembly tools required
  • Insert assembly from mating and termination side
  • Finger proof inserts with snap in functionality
  • Contact bridging functiionality for connectors

Click to view the information flyer, catalog, and/or presentation for the new Harting Han-Yellock® Connector Series

(rev 4/21/2010)


Harting har-bus 64

Backward Compatibility, 5 rows, 160 poles with the har-bus® 64...

The HARTING design of the har-bus® 64 female connectors allows mating of any combinations of the 5 or 3 row versions without mechanical interference, this making it possible for users to upgrade and maintain existing systems at lower costs. It is also possible to mate 5 row male connectors with 3 row female connectors.

The feature of backward compatibility allows a gradual upgrade of existing Eurocard based systems without the additional cost of a complete system redesign. It is not necessary to replace conventional 96 pin based boards as they remain pluggable into the 160 pin based systems. Features include:

  • Additional contacts for I/O and system upgrade
  • New voltage supplies for 3.3 V and 48 V system components
  • Identifying locations of system components and the bus length. “Plug & Play“
  • Improved signal/ground ratio for reliable signal data transfer at rates up to 320 MByte/s
  • Live Insertion for replacing processor or memory cards without closing down the system
  • User defined pins for test and maintenance bus lines

(rev 3/25/2010)

Harting Industrial RJ 45

Industrial RJ 45 Ethernet-Data connector with IDC Termination, no more tools...

HARTING's Industrial RJ 45 Ethernet-Data connector uses our popular HARAX ® rapid termination process to provide tool-less field assembly.

This compact design provides Cat. 5 transmission and incorporates a durable locking clip with added protection. HARTING's robust RJ 45 connector is long lasting, can be reterminated multiple times, and is field wireable with no tool purchases necessary!

Click for more information regarding HARTINGs Industrial RJ 45

(rev 3/24/2010)

Harting Han-Modular ECO

Thermo-plastic housings for Han-Modular® modules...

HARTING's Han-Modular® ECO is an economical way to install Han-Modular® modules in an IP 65 or IP 20 enviroment. Now single modules can be placed in new all plastic housings, saving space and the cost for mounting frames and metal housings.

Applications: in factory automation include everything from sensors to power on control cabinets and discrete devices.

Click for more information regarding HARTINGs Han-Modular® ECO

(rev 3/24/2010)

Harting IP 67 Sealed D-Subs

No Dust Allowed, IP 67 Sealed D-Subs...

HARTING's IP 67 sealed D-Subs provide reliable connectivity solutions in applications where moisture, dust and dirt exist.

Panel mount and cable mount versions are available; brass nickel plated shells provide resistance against corrosion. 9 - 50 pole configurations are standard; high density and mixed styles are available on request, including blind-mating functionality.

Click for more information regarding HARTINGs IP 67 Sealed D-Subs

(rev 2/3/2010)


Harting IP 65/67 Outdoor Solutions

Enjoy the Harsh Elements, IP67 Outdoor Solutions...

HARTING's new range of products for outdoor solutions combines the advantages of the reliable HARTING PushPull and Han® 3A housings with innovative inserts for fiber optic and copper connectivity.

Fully tested for all harsh outdoor environments, these connectors are rated to IP 67, which includes temporary immersion. Complete cable assembly solutions, with PVC outdoor cable, are available for all connectors.

Click for more information regarding HARTINGs PushPull and Han® 3A housings

(rev 2/3/2010)


Harting Cable Assemblies

Cable Assemblies Designed Just for You...

Whether it is extreme temperatures, aggressive chemicals, sunlight resistance, or a high pressure wash down environment, HARTING can design an assembly for you.

You deserve a quality assembly at a competitive price. Contact your Schuster Electronics Sales Representative today for HARTING's UL approved cable assembly quotation or click for more information on HARTINGs Cable Assemblies.

(rev 2/3/2010)


Harting Han-Quick Lock

Han-Quick Lock® - New Innovative Termination Technology for Renewable Energy Applications...

HARTING’s new termination technology combines reliability and simple handling with the space saving benefits of crimp technology.

Han-Quick Lock® is optimally designed for high contact densities and saves applied cost by reducing wiring time compared to screw terminals by 20 percent.  No other technology is this simple, space-saving and fast. Additionally, this vibration-resistant termination requires no special tooling.

The first product equipped with the new termination technology is Han® PushPull Power 4/0. Further products will follow, including the Han® 4 A, Han® Q 5/0, Han® 7 D, Han® 8 D and Han® EE modules from our Han-Modular® range.

Applications: Suitable for markets such as renewable energy and factory automation, or any application that requires a field-installable connector.

View the Han-Quick Lock® video at the Harting website also click to view additional Harting products dedicated to renewable energy applications

(rev 9/16/2009)

Hirose Electric USA
Hirose LF Series Miniature Waterproof Shielded Circular Connectors

Miniature Waterproof Shielded Circular Connectors...

The LF Series from Hirose Electric is a miniature water-proof shielded circular connector with IP67 protection rating. Features include:

  • Ease of shielded termination and connector assembly
    • All components are self-aligning and do not require complex assembly tooling. The shield of the cable is connected with the metal housing of the connector using simple shielding clamp, supplied with the connector
  • Water and dust protected
    • IP67 protection rating. Complete protection against dust penetration and against water penetration when mated assembly is submergeed at the depth of 1.8 meter for 48 hours
  • Bayonet lock
    • Short turn bayonet lock assures secure vibration resistant matingof the connectors
  • High current rating capacity
    • 3 contacts = 5A max
    • 4 contacts = 10A max
    • 6, 12, & 20 contacts = 2A max
    • 11 contacts = 2A or 10A max
  • RoHS compliant

Applications: Sensors, robots, injection molding machines, NC, factory automation equipment, surveying instruments, measuring instruments, medical equipment, surveillance cameras and base stations

(rev 5/18/2010)

Hirose JR-W Connector

High Performance, Waterproof Circular Connector...

The JR-W connector from Hirose Electric is a water-proof connector developed for interfaces of machine tools, communications equipment, etc. The JR-W connector is also corrosion resistant so that it can be used satisfactorily even in adverse environments. Features include:

  • Water-proof structure: the connector is structured so that water will not soak into it when placed under water to a dept of 1.8m for 48 hours (IP67 or more)
  • Outstanding corrosion resistance: outer metal is plated with black chromium to prevent corrosion
  • Smoon connection: connecting part is provided with five guides to make connection very smooth
  • Versaatile: JR-W connector is variable in shell sizes and core numbers. Cable clamps are available in various sizes, so that various combinations can be made in accordance with applicaion

Applications: machine tools, FA-related equipment, communications equipment, various electronic equipment and devices

(rev 3/25/2010)


Hirose BM10 Series

Space Saving, 0.4mm Pitch FPC to Board Connectors...

Hirose Electric has developed a series of FPC-to-board connectors. Designated the BM10 Series, the RoHS-compliant and halogen-free connectors are available with stacking heights of 0.6mm and 0.8mm, and feature a space-saving 2.98mm depth and 0.4mm contact pitch.

BM10 Series connectors feature robust design elements, including highly reliable contact and retention force, a shock-absorbing configuration as well as a self-alignment mechanism. These characteristics, along with the miniature size of the FPC-to-board connectors, make them ideal for use in industrial control applications and instrumentation.

The 40-position BM10 Series connectors feature an enhanced self-alignment mechanism via guidance ribs, with a self-alignment range of 0.3mm. Metal fittings and a clipping contact design provide high PC board retention force and a highly reliable contact, while dimpled contacts result in robust mating in high shock environments. The BM10 Series connectors also feature solder wicking prevention and contact protection against dust and other particles. Features include:

  • 2 types of stacking height are available: 0.6 and 0.8 mm
  • Space saving: 2.98 mm depth
  • Highly reliable contact and retention force with clipping contact design
  • Clear tactile click with excellent contact design
  • Shock-absorbing configuration with dimple on contact for robustness
  • Enhanced self alignment mechanism by guidance ribs (Self alignment range: 0.3 mm)
  • High PCB retention force with metal fittings
  • Solder wicking prevention
  • Contact protection against dust
  • RoHS compliant, Halogen-free product

Applications: Printers, Industrial controls, Medical and Instrumentation equipment, Multimedia devices, Mobile phones, Digital Still Cameras

(rev 2/22/2010)


Hirose U.FL Series Coaxial Connectors

Ultra Miniature Low Profile Coaxial Connectors Perfect for Wireless Communications...

As one of the smallest and lightest SMT ultra miniature coaxial connectors, Hirose's U.FL / U.FL (V) series provides a low mated height of a mere 2.5 / 2mm, occupying only 7.7mm board space.

Offered with three different cable diameters, the U.FL , guarantees a VSWR of 1.3, up to 3GHz. The most recent development of U.FL, however, guarantees the excellent RF performance VSWR of 1.35, but now up to 6GHz. This makes the popular U.FL also suitable for IEEE802.11a based wireless LAN applications.

In comparison with Hirose's previous development of the established E.FL series, the U.FL receptacles offer a space reduction of more than 18% and weighs in at a featherweight of 5.7mg. A major advantage to comparable miniature coaxial connectors is that all connectors from Hirose's FL series can be connected to their respective receptacle from any direction (360o), and an audible "click" gives assurance that the connectors are fully engaged. Receptacles are available in tape & reel packaging with a gold centre contact and a silver outer shell to ensure low losses. Features include:

  • Mated height: 2.4mm (2.5mm max)
  • PCB occupied area: 7.7 sq.mm
  • Light weight: Receptacle: 15.7mg. Right angle plug: 59.1mg
  • High frequency performance up to 6GHz. V.S.W.R.: 1.3 max., from DC to 3GHz
  • Tactile lock feeling confirms fully mated condition

Applications: Mobile phones, Radio communications equipment, Measurement equipment, GPS, Wireless LAN, Bluetooth

Contact your Schuster Sales Representative today for your Sample Request.

(rev 8/27/2009)

JST PUD Series Disconnectable Crimp Style Connector

NEW, Disconnectable Crimp Style Connector Offers High Reliability Under Adverse Conditions...

JST Corporation introduces the new PUD Series disconnectable, 2.0 mm (.079”) pitch, double-row crimp style connector with secure positive locking feature. The PUD Series offers compact size and provides stable contact performance under high vibration, distortion, and unexpected external forces. The leaf spring structure of the contact is designed to help prevent deformation due to unexpected forces. The housing receptacles are keyed to prevent accidental reverse mating or mating to a header without the same number of circuits. The header is designed with a secure locking device for applications that require high reliability under adverse conditions. An audible click is heard when mating the receptacle housing with the header. Features include:

  • Solder type dual-row construction allows for high density top and side entry mounting
  • Top entry header is available in 8 to 40 (even numbers only) circuits, with or without a PCB locating boss and in four color options (natural, red, blue and black) to aid in manufacturing and assembly
  • Side entry header is available in 8 to 30 (even numbers only), 36 and 40 circuits and in two color options (natural and black) to aid in manufacturing and assembly
  • Current rating is 3.0 Amps AC/DC at 250V AC/DC.
  • Contacts will accommodate wire sizes AWG #22 (UL1061) to #28 (UL1007) insulation.
  • Operating temperature range of -25°C to +85°C including temperature rise when applying an electrical current.
  • Contacts are tin-plated over a copper alloy base material.
  • Molded in PBT rated 94V-O material, the polarized housings incorporate a finger-friendly design for ease of mating and unmating.
  • Header plating is lead free and complies with European and China RoHS directives.

(rev 1/25/2010)


JST WPJ Series Waterproof Wire-to-Wire and Wire-to-Board Crimp Style Connector

NEW Compact, Waterproof, Wire-to-Wire and Wire-to-Board Crimp Style Connector....

The new WPJ Series Wire-to-Wire and Wire-to-Board Crimp Style Connector recently introduced by JST Corporation was designed for both extreme moisture and non-submersion applications. Major uses include automotive, appliance, underwater cameras or non-water resistance applications. Three different control key patterns prevent miss-mating while their unique terminal structure has been designed to withstand mating mistakes while maintaining the contact reliability. An inner lock housing feature prevents accidental disconnection to ensure connector mating integrity even under adverse conditions. Features include:

  • 5.0 mm (.197”) pitch and are available in 2 & 3 circuits.
  • Wire sizes AWG #22 to #18 with either standard or thin insulation types are accommodated.
  • Current rating is 7.0 A AC/DC (AWG#18) at 300 V AC/DC.
  • Temperature range is -25°C to +85°C (including temperature rise in applying electrical current).
  • Waterproof grade is IP:X7.
  • Withstanding voltage is 1,500 V AC/minute.
  • Contacts are copper alloy, tin-plated.
  • Housings and top-entry, fully shrouded headers are UL94V-0 rated PBT (glass filled) material.
  • Lead free and complies with both European and China RoHS directives.

Applications: Ideal for dependable underwater applications

(rev 1/25/2010)


JST XSR 0.6mm Pitch ID Connector

World's Smallest 0.6mm Pitch ID Connector for Discrete Wires....

The JST XSR insulation displacement connector is the world's smallest 0.6mm pitch ID connector for discrete wires. This wire-to-board miniaturized connector has a mounting height of 1.45mm and depth of 3.0mm. Features include: space saving, twin U-slot insulation displacement section, new strain relief structure, suitable for fine wires, applicable to automatic ID machines. Specifications include:

  • Pitch: 0.6mm
  • Current rating: 0.2A AC, DC
  • Voltage rating: 30V AC, DC
  • Temperature range: -25 C to +85 C (including temperature rise in applying electrical current)
  • Contact resistance: initial value / 30 ohms max, after environmental testing / 50 ohms max
  • Insulation resistance: 100 ohms min
  • Withstanding voltage: 200V AC/minute

(click to view the complete spec sheet for the XSR ID connector)

(rev 1/25/2010)


JST FHY Connector for FPC

0.5mm Pitch Connector for FPC....

The JST FHY connector for the 0.3mm thickness FPC with a mounting height of 1.3mm. FPC with protrusion prevents incomplete insertion and mis-insertion, so that it provides reliable connection. Features include: Zero insertion force type, With slide lock mechanism, For long distance between two PC board. Specifications include:

  • Pitch: 0.5mm
  • Current rating: 0.5A AC, DC
  • Voltage rating: 50V AC, DC
  • PC board mounting direction: side entry
  • Temperature range: -25 C to +85 C (including temperature rise in applying electrical current)
  • Contact resistance: initial value / 60 ohms max, after environmental testing / 60 ohms max
  • Insulation resistance: 800 ohms min
  • Withstanding voltage: 200V AC/minute

(click to view the complete spec sheet for the FHY connector)

(rev 1/25/2010)


JST FXV Connector for FPC

0.3mm Pitch Connector for FPC....

The JST FXV connector is a market require space saving and low profile 0.3mm pitch connector, and designed for corresponding to FPC with protrusions with double ZIF for easy insertion and self-locking cover. As FPC with protrusions is used for this FXV connector, easy insertion operation , protection of incomplete insertion and miss-insertion are realized. Specifications include:

  • Current rating: 0.2A AC, DC
  • Voltage rating: 50V AC, DC
  • Temperature range: -25 C to +85 C (including temperature rise in applying electrical current)
  • Contact resistance: initial value / 60 ohms max, after environmental testing / 60 ohms max
  • Insulation resistance: 50 ohms min
  • Withstanding voltage: 200V AC/minute
  • Applicable FPC: conductor pitch 0.3mm, conductor width 0.3mm

(click to view the complete spec sheet for the FXV connector)

(rev 1/25/2010)

Kingbright 3W High Power SMD LEDs

3W High Power SMD LEDs with 100° Viewing Angle...

Kingbright Corporation, a TS 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certified LED manufacturer, introduces our high performance and cost effective 3W High Power SMD LEDs (AADG18080 series). This high brightness package with wide viewing angle of 100° emits a high intensity illumination up to 210 lm @ 700mA providing optimized benefits for designers of various decorative lighting, automotive lighting, and consumer applications. Available in blue, cool white (6000K), neutral white (4000K), and warm white (3000K).The cutting-edge element encompasses superior heat dissipation with low thermal resistance of 7 deg C/W (Rth j-slug), also withstands ESD voltage up to 8000V and features a maximum allowable junction temperature of 130°C providing designers with more design flexibility. Furthermore, this low power consumption, IR reflow solderable device is specially designed for automatic pick-and-place mounting process to reduce production costs. Features include:

  • High intensity illumination up to 210 lm @ 700mA
  • Color selections: blue and special white color sorting available in cool white (6000K), neutral white (4000K), warm white (3000K)
  • ESD protection design withstands up to 8000V
  • Maximum junction temperature 130°C
  • Superior heat dissipation with low thermal resistance of 7 deg C/W (Rth j-slug)
  • Viewing angle of 100°
  • Compatible with reflow soldering process
  • Compatible with automatic pick-and-place mounting process

Applications: Decorative lighting applications, Automotive lighting applications, & Consumer applications

(rev 6/16/2010)


Kingbright Helios SMD LEDs

Helios SMD LEDs the Industries 1st 0630 Dome Package...

Kingbright Corporation unveils its latest landmark product in development of industry’s first 0603 dome lens package - HELIOS SMD LEDs (APTD1608 series). The element’s remarkable compact design (1.6mm x 0.8mm x 0.95mm) with 0.70mm dome lens feature provides focused beams within narrow viewing angle of 60°, illuminating high typical intensity output up to 3000 mcd @ 20mA. Available in blue, white, green, red, yellow, orange, the product’s wide color offerings extend aesthetic benefits for designers of various sign, appliance, interior & exterior automotive lighting, and backlight & indicator applications. The low power consumption, IR reflow solderable device meets industrial temperature ratings of -40°C to +85°C and is specially designed for automatic pick-and-place mounting process to reduce production costs. Features include:

  • 0.70 mm dome lens
  • Compact design
  • Low power consumption
  • Color: blue, white, green, red, yellow, or orange
  • Temperature range: -40°C to +85°C
  • Intensity output up to 3000 mcd @ 20mA

Applications: Sign, appliance, interior & exterior automotive lighting, and backlight & indicator

(rev 2/22/2010)

Kycon USB 3.0

Next Generation SuperSpeed USB Connectors...

Kycon is expanding their already extensive USB product line by adding USB 3.0, the next generation design-in Universal Serial Bus – KUSBX-xx1N9 Series.  The USB 3.0 connectors, also known as SuperSpeed USB, support data transfer rates of up to 10 times faster than the USB 2.0 version and are backward compatible with existing USB devices.  The new USB 3.0 products will enhance any device that is optimized at higher speed data transfer such as high-resolution webcams, video surveillance cameras, digital video cameras, and external media such as Blu-Ray drives.

The KUSBX-xx1N9 Series meets the USB Implementers Forum’s SuperSpeed USB Specification that allows not only product interoperability with existing USB 2.0 products, but also allows users full duplex arrangement data flow.  The series offers a Type-A and Type-B receptacle.  Both through-hole shield receptacles feature the distinctive USB 3.0 blue insulator.  Additional USB 3.0 products will be released later this year. 

Key Specifications:

  • Full duplex configuration
  • Backward and forward compatible with existing USB 2.0 devices
  • Complies with USB-IF 3.0 Specification

Applications: high-resolution webcams, video surveillance cameras, digital video cameras, and external media such as Blu-Ray drives

(rev 6/23/2010)


Kycon Snap and Lock Cable Mount Plug

Snap and Lock Cable Mount Plug...

Kycon offers the KMDLAX Series of circular mini-din connectors. These snap and lock cable mount plugs exhibit a reliable 'snap and lock' feature which avoids disconnects in any medical, audio, video, digital equipment, or computer applications. It is offered with 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 contacts. Features include:

  • Snap and Lock Feature Helps Prevent Accidental Disconnects
  • Supplied in Kits Ready for Assembly
  • CSA/NRTL Certified File No. LR78160
  • Gold Plating Available Upon Request

Applications: Medical, Audio, Video, Lap Top Computer and Other Portable Digital Equipment

Watch the video for assembly of the KMDLAX Series

(rev 5/18/2010)

Kycon Snap and Lock Mini-DIN

Snap and Lock Mini DIN...

Kycon now offers their low profile mini-din with snap and lock option. This series exhibits a reliable 'snap and lock' feature which avoids disconnects in any audio, video, or computer applications. It is offered as a fully shielded 4-pin or 6-pin socket. Both will lock with the mating cable-mount plug (KMDLAX).


(rev 5/5/2010)


Kycon Mid Mount Micro USB

Mid Mount Micro USB...

Kycon introduces a mid­mount option to their existing Micro­USB product line; the KMMLX Series. The KMMLX Series utilizes the mid­mount design for increased stability while still providing a 50% more compact footprint (in comparison to Mini­USBs) that allows for greater space­saving solutions in portable devices. The KMMLX Series expands the existing Micro­USB line (KMMX Series) which now includes a Micro­B receptacle mid­mount style, surface mount shielded Micro­B receptacle, and a surface mount shielded Micro­AB receptacle. All Micro­USB products meet the USB Implementers Forum Specification, which supports the USB On­The­Go (OTG) supplement, allowing users ease of portable point­to­point connectivity.

Applications: mobile phones, PDAs and digital cameras

(rev 4/28/2010)

Lumberg Automation Connectors and Components for Food & Beverage Applications

Connectors and Components for Food & Beverage Applications...

Lumberg offers a food and beverage product line of connectors and components developed specifically to serve applications in the Food & Beverage Processing Industry. The materials for these applications must meet stringent hygienic standards and be able to withstand strong commercial cleaning agents and harsh chemicals, as well as high pressure cleaning.

The Lumberg Food and Beverage product line fulfills these requirements by use of stainless steel type 316L (V4A) and PVC with benefits of simplified installation and integration of systems; reduced installation time; extended life of components; and minimized down times. Features include:

  • Cost savings because of fewer terminals and terminal boxes
  • Long-term stability with the use of gold-plated contacts
  • High resistance to aggressive cleaning agents and chemicals
  • Easy cleaning due to smooth surfaces
  • Faster startup due to decreased wiring requirements
  • Space-saving design up to 16 signal connections in a very confined space
  • Easy error detection by process-related LED readouts of operations and functions
  • Vibration and shock resistant

Products include: actuator/sensor distribution boxes (active/passive), field attachable connectors, PVC dust cover for unused Micro M12 ports, actuator/sensor connecting cables (also with built-in LED), double-ended cordsets, receptacles, and locknut for male or female Micro M12 receptacles

Contact your Schuster Sales Representative or click to view a pdf of the Lumberg Food & Beverage Connectors & Components brochure.

(rev 5/18/2009)


Lumberg Wiring & Overmolded Connector Solutions for Photovoltaic Systems

Wiring & Overmolded Connector Solutions for Photovoltaic Systems...

Complete wiring solutions for photovoltaic systems. Lumberg offers a complete wiring solution with their LC3 Series, LC4 Series, and internal wiring of inverters designed for Photovoltaic Systems with focuses on Overmolded connectors. These standard offerings and customized solutions for module manufacturers, system integrators, inverter manufacturers, and installers have superior technology with many advantages such as outstanding environmental seals which wire faster and more effectively with pre-assembled "plug and secure" components and module junction boxes for thin film and laminate modules. Features include:

  • Excellent strain relief
  • Overmolded
  • Bend Protection
  • Secure grip, ergonomically-friendly
  • High resistance to mechanical stress
  • High protection degree IP 68
  • Pre-assembled and tested, ready-to-plug cable sets (no need for crimping)
  • UV and ozone resistant
  • Optional locking with securing clip (metallic) or securing bushing (non-metallic)

Solutions for: Module manufacturers, System integrators, Inverter manufacturers, Installers

(rev 1/20/2009)

Mallory-Sonalert MSS5M1 Audible Alarm for Medical Applications

Audible Alarm for IEC60601-1-8 Medical Applications...

Mallory-Sonalert has added a new audible alarm, MSS5M1, for IEC 60601-1-8 medical applications. This alarm is currently the only one in the industry that is IEC 60601-1-8 certified. Features include:

  • Designed to Meet IEC 60601-1-8
  • 975 Hz Fundamental Frequency
  • 4 Harmonic Peaks within ±15 dB (1 to 4 kHz)
  • 88 dB @ 10 cm Typical
  • Three priority sounds (low, medium, & high)

Click to view the white paper on "Using Audible Alarms in Medical Equipment (IEC 60601-1-8)"

(rev 1/13/2010)


Mallory-Sonalert Specialty Sounds Series

Mallory Introduces "Specialty Sounds"...

Mallory-Sonalert has now added "Specialty Sounds" series to their Solutions line. According to Dan O'Brien, Mallory Vice President of Marketing, the Specialty Sounds were introduced to meet a growing market need for alarms that could address situations requiring a unique warning sound or one with multiple alarms.

To illustrate how the new alarms can be applied, he uses the example of a commercial airliner in which alerts for conditions such as low hydraulic pressure, engine over-temperature, and overspeed (when the aircraft exceeds a predetermined maximum speed) would previously require 2 or 3 separate audible alarms. With Mallory's new multi-tone alarms, all these conditions could be handled by the same unit. this not only provides cost savings, but also contributes to design simplification.

The Specialty Sounds series is available in a wide variety of sounds, including chine, fast & slow warble and fast & slow siren (all available in AV or DC), and three different multi-tone (4 tones in a single package) units, which are available in DC ranges from 6-48 VDC. Features include:

  • Embedded socket and a pluggable terminal block that provides finger-proof safe handling, prevents shock and shorting, and saves assembly tie and labor.
  • UL and cUL approved
  • RoHS compliant
  • Combined with our ACC03 accessory gasket
    • NEMA 3R/4X/12
    • CSA C22.2 No. 94
    • IP 66 ratings / requirements.

Applications: typical applications include transportation (aircraft, railroad, long-haul trucks), as well as agricultural and construction equipment, and industrial applications such as panel boxes.

(rev 11/18/2009)

Norcomp Panel Mount USB (Type-A) Connectors

Panel Mount USB (Type-A) Connectors...

NorComp's panel mount USB design, allows customers to provide rugged mechanical connection of their USB cable assembly to the panel it is mounted on. The special mold design allows the USB to be mounted into a current 9 pin D-Sub cut-out with many variations available to the board side connection. An additional ground wire tied to the panel provides the ground path from the board side of the cable assembly to the panel.

(rev 7/1/2010)

Norcomp RJ-45 Connectors

RJ-45 Connectors...

PCB Modular Jacks (more commonly known as RJ jacks) are designed for direct mount onto a printed circuit board. RJ Jacks provide a simple and efficient means of connecting circuit boards in electronic systems including electronic telephone, data processing, data transmissions or any other equipment that has a need for small versatile interconnection.

RJ connectors can be integrated with LEDs to let you know the status of your connection. Newer designs allow the use of magnetic's that can provide POS (Power over Ethernet) and can be rated for 10/100Mbp, 1 Gb and 10 Gb.

(rev 7/1/2010)

Northern Technologies
Northern Technologies PCB Mount BNC Connectors

PCB Mount BNC Connectors...

Northern Technologies now offers a line of PCB Mount BNC Connectors. BNC connectors offer a very high level of performance. The BNC connector is used for RF signal connections, both for analog serial digital interface video signals, Antennas, Automotive, Base Stations, Broadcast (75 Ù), Cable Assemblies, Cable Modems, Computers/LANs, Instrumentation, Aviation Electronics, Medical Equipment, Radios, Satellite Communication, Surge Protection, Telecom and on nearly every piece of Electronic Test Equipment manufactured in the last 35 years and in applications where coaxial or shielded cable is required, especially for RF applications.

Contact your Schuster Sales Representative today or click for more information on their BNC Connectors.

(rev 4/8/2009)

Phoenix Contact
Phoenix Contact PCB terminal block with lever PCB terminal block with lever for connection and release, no tool needed...

The new PLH 16 PCB terminal block from Phoenix Contact has a lever for connection and release of the conductor without use of tools. The soft touch lever comes in the open position, ready to accept the wire. Light finger pressure is all it takes to complete the connection. The spring cage creates a gastight wire termination, which self adjusts with temperature changes and vibration conditions. A conductor of 4 AWG provides current-carrying capacity up to 70 A. The housing size is compact as compared to other terminal blocks with similar current and voltage ratings. Features include:

  • Fast wire connection saves time and money
  • Zigzag pinning of 10 mm size for increased voltage rating
  • Narrow design width creates more space on the PCB
  • Color coding of each position possible for ease of wire color matching
  • Wire strip instructions molded onto the housing end wall

Applications: Power supply units, Frequency converters, Motors and drives, Power engineering, Frequency inverters, Solar inverters, Network devices

(rev 6/30/2010)


Phoenix Contact Profile housings for mounting PCBs Profile housings for mounting PCBs...

The Phoenix Contact UM-PRO profile housings, or PCB trays, enable short assembly times with greater design flexibility for engineers looking to protect their PCB designs. The new design represents advancements over two existing products, the standard UM profile and the UM Modular product. The UM-PRO combines the advantages of a halogen-free, polyamide construction for higher operating temperatures with a complete single profile cut to specific customer-required lengths. This limits the number of components needed to achieve a complete solution. Features include:

  • Snap-in assembly eliminates additional hardware and reduces assembly time
  • Ambient temperature rating up to 100 C, well in excess of UL’s 60 C requirement for devices mounted in standard, industrial enclosures
  • Profile supports three separate “slots” for mounting a PCB; the top slot allows for mounting components nearly on the edge of the PCB
  • Protection flexibility in a PCB cover that can be centered or can be positioned strategically over critical components
  • Optional communication between modules by means of standard Phoenix Contact connectors (Mini- COMBICON) facilitates networking of adjacent devices

Applications: Industrial controllers – (drives, PLCs, etc.), Wiring interfaces, field termination assemblies (FTAs)

(rev 6/30/2010)


Phoenix Contact M12 high-density field-wired connectors M12 high-density field-wired connectors...

The continuing design trend to make smaller machines and devices creates a need for small connectors with a high number of contacts. Phoenix Contact has reacted to this trend and developed a series of connectors for high-density M12 signal connections. The market’s first field-wired M12 connectors in 12 and 17 positions are available with Piercecon® connection technology. With Piercecon, field installers can easily make signal connections in three simple steps – strip the cable jacket, insert the wires, and screw the housing tight. No soldering, no wire prep!

(rev 6/23/2010)


Phoenix Contact M8 Connector with QUICKON Connection M8 Connector with QUICKON Connection...

In the field, it is often necessary to wire sensors and actuators on-site. A fast and easy solution is a must. Technicians need to make quick, error-free connections to keep downtime at a minimum and through-put at a maximum.

As a market leader in connection technology, Phoenix Contact recognizes the importance of fast field installation. For this reason, we are increasing our field-wired cable connector products to include QUICKON (insulation displacement) for M8 connectors. QUICKON M12 has long been a customer favorite over screw-connection technology because of benefits such as fast termination, effortless assembly, with no special tools, and color coded terminals.

(rev 6/16/2010)


Phoenix Contact 16-Port SFN and SFNT Ethernet Switches 16-Port SFN and SFNT Ethernet Switches...

Phoenix Contact expands the SFN and SFNT lines of unmanaged Ethernet switches with the introduction of six new models suitable covering standard industrial use, as well as for application in harsh environments. Both the SFN and SFNT products offer customers superior price and functional value while providing highly reliable industrial Ethernet connections for a wide range of applications. The new switches have the following features:

  • 14 – 16 10/100 mbps ports
  • One or two multimode fiber (100 mbps) ports with SC connection
  • Plug-and-play simplicity with no software configuration
  • Wide temperature range: -40°C to +75°C (SFNT), 0°C to 60°C (SFN)
  • Redundant power supply inputs
  • Alarm contact for power monitoring
  • Individual port LEDs to indicate communication activity and data rate
  • 12 V DC to 48 V DC voltage range
  • UL 1604 Class I, Division 2 certification (pending)
  • Increased noise immunity: exceeds IEC 61000-4
  • Superior shock (25 G) and vibration (5 G) ratings
  • Compact size (70 mm housing width) for space-sensitive applications

(rev 6/3/2010)


Phoenix Contact VARIOSUB ODVA V1 connector system New ODVA Compliant Connector System...

The Phoenix Contact VARIOSUB product family now includes a new ODVA-compliant connector system. The system features rugged, sealed, round metal connectors with quick- connect bayonet couplings.

The all-metal connectors are available for RJ45 and fiber optic connections. They are designed for harsh environments and provide IP67 protection against liquids, dust, dirt and other contaminants. Protective covers are available to protect unmated connections. The connectors operate between -40 degrees Celsius and +70 degrees Celsius.

This ODVA Variant 1 connector system meets all of the ODVA-specified requirements for the EtherNet/IP Physical Layer. The family offers connection to the copper-based RJ 45, and for both the fiber-based SCRJ and LC connectors.

(rev 5/26/2010)


Phoenix Contact SAC M12 Basic Line Economy Equals Quality with the SAC M12 Basic Line..

Phoenix Contact offers a new line of value-priced PVC sensor/actuator cordsets. The M12 cordsets can be used to connect field devices, such as sensors and actuators, to a control system. The PVC cable is rated for 80 degrees Celsius and is suitable for applications in medical; test and measurement; material handling; packaging; conveyors; palletizers; assembly equipment; and general factory use. General Features include:

  • M12 industry standard connector
  • 3-, 4-, and 5-pole versions
  • Smooth PVC cable is easy to strip
  • High quality, gold-plated contacts
  • Zinc die-cast coupling nut
  • Waterproof to IP67 and IP68

(rev 3/3/2010)


Phoenix Contact M12 Ethernet M12 Ethernet for Industrial Environments...

The Phoenix Contact M12 Ethernet is an alternative to VARIOSUB-RJ45/IP67 Ethernet and has a connector footprint that is internationally recognized. M12 Ethernet is suited for industrial environments and protects against dirt, water, vibration/shock and temperature extremes. Flexible design options include overmolded cordsets, field wireable and panel feed-through connectors.

The combined offering of M12 Ethernet and VARIOSUB-RJ45/IP67 Ethernet sets Phoenix Contact apart from the competition. Phoenix Contact is one of the few that provides both an M12 and RJ45 option.

  • Single Ended Cable: Bus system cable, 4-position, PUR, halogen-free, water blue RAL 5021, shielded, Plug, straight M12, D-coded, on Free conductor end, Cable length: 2 m, 5m, 10 m, or 15 m
  • Double Ended Cable: Bus system cable, 4-position, PUR, halogen-free, water blue RAL 5021, shielded, Plug, straight M12, D-coded, on Plug, straight M12, D-coded, Cable length: 0.3 m, 0.5 m, 1 m, 2 m, 5m, 10 m, or 15 m
  • Panel Feed Through: Bus system flush-type socket; 4 position; shielded; D-coded; front/screw mounting with M16 thread; can be positioned with 0.5m, 1m, 2m, or 5m bus cable

(rev 2/22/2010)


Phoenix Contact WLAN Products Industrial WLAN products...

Phoenix Contact offers the family of Industrial Wireless Ethernet products with the most comprehensive line of industrial WLAN products in the industry.

Based on public standard 802.11 WiFi technology, Phoenix Contact WLAN products bridge the automation / IT gap by combining rugged packaging features, industrial protocol support and intuitive setup programming with the highest level encryption available. Full featured versions, basic versions and a series of high power versions for extending Ethernet networks further distances are all available. Features include:

  • IP54 wall-mount and IP20 DIN ril-mount packages for use in control cabinet or on the factory floor
  • BUS versions available for add on I/O saves additional costs and hardware
  • Functions as an access point, client or bridge for operation in a variety of applications
  • Serial port available at no extra charge for wireless network access to legacy serial devices
  • IEEE 802.11 compatible makes it interoperable with other public standard WLAN equipment
  • High-power (HPWLAN) versions available with transmit power up to 400mW (four times the standard WLAN transmit power)
  • MODBUS RTU / TCP compatible for process and industrial applications
  • Easy-to-use web browser software interface means non-IT staff cn easily program without additional software installation

Markets: SCADA / telemetry, water / wastewater, gas pipeline, oil and gas, electric utility, transportation, automotive, automated guided vehicles (AGVs)

(rev 11/5/2009)


Phoenix Contact Trisafe Safety Controller Trisafe Safety Controller...

PSR-TRISAFE/S safety controller is the newest addition to the Phoenix Contact Safety Relay (PSR) product group. As with any safety controller, the PSR-TRISAFE/S’s functionality is one step above a safety relay and one step below a safety-rated PLC or DCS, an important point to keep in mind when determining if safety controller is required.

PSR-TRISAFE/S uses SAFECONF configuration software to implement both simple and advanced safety logic. Programming the controller’s 20 safety inputs and four Category 4 safety outputs is simple with the software’s user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface. The software easily duplicates and combines functionalities from Phoenix Contact’s current safety relay products, including emergency stop function blocks, two-hand controls, door switches, delayed contacts, light curtains, muting, mode selection and logic functions. Users can download the full version of SAFECONF at no charge on the Phoenix Contact website.

Applications: Safety controllers make sense for those applications using multiple standard safety relays or for applications requiring advanced or unique safety functionality.

Click to watch the Simple Configuration of Safety Controller video

(rev 10/21/2009)


Phoenix Contact Trusted Wireless Ethernet Trusted Wireless Ethernet...

Phoenix Contact is pleased to announce the addition of the RAD-ISM-900-EN-BD to the wireless product family. The RAD-ISM-900-EN-BD offers a bus connection, which allows I/O modules to be connected directly to the radio. This provides the flexibility to collect I/O without the need for a remotely located PLC. As in the WLAN-BUS and Trusted Wireless Serial radios, the bused I/O is mapped to MODBUS registers, offering easy integration to any MODBUS network. This offers an ideal solution for SCADA systems, as remote I/O can now be collected and reported wirelessly using a single radio device. Features include:

  • MOTR-9 technology offers superior radio performance at various data rates
  • Enhanced security with 128/192/256-bit AES encryption
  • Adjustable over-the-air data rates up to 500 kbps
  • Master/slave/repeater-slave operation modes
  • Store-and-forward repeater capability
  • Ethernet, RS-232, RS-422/485 connectivity ideal for new and legacy systems
  • -40 to 65 degrees Celsius operating temperature
  • Busable I/O mapped to remotely accessible MODBUS RTU/TCP registers

Applications: SCADA systems, PLC/RTU extensions, Pump controls, Tank level/pressure/temperature monitoring, Remote I/O collection without the need for a PLC

(rev 7/21/2009)


Phoenix Contact Solar Interface Systems

Solar Interface Systems...

Phoenix Contact offers a complete Solar Interface System (SIS). These systems are complete stand-alone 24 V power systems, designed to support wireless applications in remote locations. Designed around a NEMA 4 enclosure, the systems include a pre-mounted DIN rail for customer added devices, with space left for devices that might need to be panel mounted. The SIS are sized to supply a remote wireless to process the required amount of autonomy for different regions across North America. All system components are of the highest quality and built to last. Features include:

  • Pre-packaged complete Solar Interface System
  • Designed to power wireless applications
  • Deep-cycle, gelled electrolyte, solar battery (completely maintenance free)
  • Rugged, NEMA 4 equipment enclosure
  • Separate, sealed, NEMA 3R (weatherproof) battery compartment
  • High-quality, solar modules
  • Adjustable, side-of-pole or tower mounting hardware
  • "Solar Power Rail" pre-installed
  • Wiring, conduit and hardware to complete the installation
  • Additional technologies for solar applications: Phoenix Contact Nano Series Micro Controllers

Click for spec sheet on the Phoenix Contact Solar Interface Systems

(rev 1/20/2009)

Projects Unlimited Inc. (PUI Audio)
PUI Audio Harsh Environment Speakers

Harsh Environment Speakers...

PUI Audio offers the AI-2604-TT-R. Case Material: ABS, Weight: 17g, Pin Material: Sn Plated Copper, Environmentally friendly. Features include:

  • Mounting: Thru Hole
  • Tone: Continuous
  • Frequency: 400 +/- 100 Hz
  • RoHS 2002/95/EC compliant
  • Dimensions - Height: 19.70 mm, Width: 26.00 mm, Length: 26.00 mm

(rev 3/31/2010)


PUI Audio Multi-Layer Piezo Speakers

Multi-Layer Piezo Speakers...

PUI Audio announces a new type of speaker that reproduces sound, voice or music and it's only 1mm deep. This new multi-layered piezo speaker is available in two different types; one is frame mounted for use in open air applications and one with double-sided tape that is used for flat panel mounting.

Both types offer a frequency range of 300 ~ 20,000Hz along with the low current draw of traditional piezo devices. The small size allows them to be mounted where other devices are too thick such as touch panels displays, camera equipment or other hand held devices. Features include:

  • Thin compact size
  • Low power consumption
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Wide frequency range

Applications: Hand-held devices, card readers, scanners, video cameras, point of sale

Click to view the brochure for the Multi-Layer Piezo Speakers

(rev 3/3/2010)

RCD MCT Series Military Grade, Thick Film Precision Chip Resistors

Military Grade, Thick Film Precision Chip Resistors...

Precision performance to 0.1% 50ppm/°C! RCD MCT Series chip resistors are designed to meet applicable performance requirements of MIL-PRF-553421. Variety of sizes and termination materials allows wide design flexibility. Palladium silver terminations are recommended for use with conductive epoxy, gold is recommended for wire bonding, and tin plated nickel for soldering. Features include:

  • Choice of termination materials: 100% tin plated nickel barrier is standard (palladium silver, gold, or tin-lead solder is available)
  • Wraparound termination is standard, single sided termination is available (Option ‘S’)
  • Wide resistance range: 0.1 ohms to 100M ohms
  • 100% Group A screening per MIL-R-55342 available
  • Wide design flexibility for use with hybrid or smd circuitry
  • Custom sizes, high surge, untrimmed chips available
  • Backside metalization available
  • (rev 3/25/2010)


RCD 100 Series Precision Power Wirewound Resistors Silicone Coated 1/2 Watt to 50 Watt

World’s Widest Range of Axial Lead WW Resistors!...

RCD Series 100 resistors the world’s widest range of axial lead WW resistors! 0.005 ohms to 2M ohms,tolerances to ±0.005%, 1/2W to 50W, numerous design options. The 100 Series precision power wirewound resistors silicone coated 1/2 watt to 50 watt offer exceptional performance at an economical cost. Superior stability results from welded construction and windings of premium grade resistance wire on thermally conductive ceramic cores. Hi-temp coating provides excellent environmental protection and solvent resistance. Tin (or SnPb) coated copper or copperweld leads offer excellent solderabilty and extended shelf life.

PULSE CAPABILITY: Excellent pulse capability results from wirewound construction. The pulse/overload capability can often be economically enhanced by a factor of 50% or more via special Option P processing. Pulse capability is highly dependent on size and resistance value, consult factory (available up to 500 joules).

INDUCTANCE: small sizes have inductance of 1- 50uH typ. Larger sizes and higher values typically have greater levels. For non-inductive design, specify Opt. X. The max. series inductance for Opt.X resistors at 0.5MHz is listed in table (per MIL-R-39007). Specialty constructions are available for even lower inductance levels (Opt.75 inductance = 50% of Opt.X, Opt.76 = 33% of Opt.X).

(rev 3/25/2010)

Rose+Bopla Handheld Enclosures

Handheld Enclosures Perfect for Mountable Displays & Components...

Designed for electronic data acquisition and operating systems used in medical technology, instrumentation and control, as well as in automation technology, the truly innovative LIMANDA handheld operating enclosure system is offered by Rose+Bopla.

LIMANDA is a two-shell panel enclosure offering IP 65 protection and can be used as a mobile, stationary or semi-stationary system for compact electronics in an upright or a horizontal position. The break-proof polyamide enclosure comes with three interface compartments in the rear to accommodate connectors and electronic components. Two recessed screw-on chambers enable adaptation to equipment mounting systems or can be used to accommodate ventilation devices.

When intermediate frames are used, LIMANDA’s mounting space can be varied in depth. LIMANDA includes a lid and base as standard. Supplementing the standard product line, a wide variety of accessories, including front panels, stationary mounting adapters, handle sets, and expansion frames are also available.

Applications: Limanda is ideal for applications requiring mountable components such as: small control equipment; touchscreens; displays up to 10.4”; switches; handwheels; joy sticks; and a large variety of electro-mechanical and electronic components.

(rev 10/27/2009)

Samtec New Products and Options

Edge Mount Cost-Effective Die Cast Bulkhead/Panel Mount, Rugged Low Cost Test Probe Cable Assembly and Test Point, and more...

Samtec has Released for Sale a few new series and options.

(rev 6/16/2010)


Samtec IP68 Sealed Mini USB Port

IP68 Sealed Mini USB Port...

Samtec has updated the IP68 Sealed Mini USB Port, SPM Series. The SPM is available as a Right Angle or Vertical and mates to the USBC Series. 

(rev 5/12/2010)


Samtec Edge Rate™Cables for High Speed, Rugged & Test Applications

Cable-to-Board Interconnect Solutions Ideal for High Speed and Long Cable Run Applications...

Samtec’s High Speed Edge Rate™ Twinax, Micro Coax, and Direct-to-Lead Coax Cable Assemblies incorporate its rugged .8mm (.0315”) pitch Edge Rate™ terminals and sockets (ERM8/ERF8 Series) which are designed for superior signal integrity and impedance control and reduced broadside coupling. The result is a robust family of cable-to-board interconnect solutions ideal for high speed and long cable run applications as well as for emulation testing (the ERF8 Series connector has been specified as the standard board level interface by NEXUS, POWER.org and ARM). All three systems feature rugged friction latches that increase de-mating to 7 pounds.

Edge Rate™ 34 AWG, 50 ohm coax cable assemblies include the Micro Coax Cable (ERCD Series) and the Direct-to-Lead Coax Cable (ERCDA Series) which is rated from 890 MHz (1 meter) to 7.90 GHz (6 inches) and is hot pluggable. The Direct-to-Lead cable is also designed to optimize signal integrity with a patent-pending direct termination that eliminates the need for a PCB.

The Edge Rate™ 30 AWG 100 ohm Differential Pair Twinax Cable (ERDP Series) is rated from 1.41 GHz (1 meter) to 6.33 GHz (6 inches) and is also hot pluggable. The Micro Coax and Twinax assemblies also have an optional squeeze latch system that prevents unintentional de-mating.

(rev 4/14/2010)


Samtec Rugged Mini USB, Mini BNC, Right Angle Plug, and Hermaphroditic Strip

Rugged Mini USB, Mini BNC, Right Angle Plug, and Hermaphroditic Strip...

Samtec has released for sale the MBNC7 Series, MUSBR-A Series, IP5 -RA Option and LSEM -DH Option that includes features and benefits:

  • MUSBR-A – Rugged Mini Universal Serial Bus (USB): Type A, High retention, Available with five contacts
  • MBNC7 – TRUE 75™ Ohm Optimized Mini BNC: 3G SDI optimized 75 ohm BNC termination, Smaller footprint allows for high density board placement, Through Hole, Jack, Mates with RF179 and RFB6T Series
  • IP5 –RA (Right Angle) Option – 4mm (.1575”) IsoRate™ Isolated Transmission Line 50 Ohm Right Angle Plug: Edge Rate™ Contacts, Low cost, high performance isolated transmission line , Board-to-Board and Cable-to-Board Applications, Optional positive latch for cable assembly mating, Available with 2, 4, 6 and 8 positions
  • LSEM –DH (Dual Horizontal) Option – .8mm (.0315”) Razor Beam™ High Speed Hermaphroditic Strip: Self-mating system can reduce inventory costs, Slim row-to-row design, Low cost Blade & Beam contact, Audible click when properly mated, Available on 20, 30, 40 and 50 pins per row

(rev 3/31/2010)


Samtec Eye Speedt™ I/O System

Rugged Serial I/O Cable Assembly and Connector System...

Samtec has released for sale the Eye Speed™ I/O system, the EPLSP cable and the ERI8 socket and ERC cage.  This is a rugged, Serial I/O cable assembly and connector system with a latching mechanism.  The following is a list of design and performance features:

  • Rated at 4 Gbps @ 1 meter – no suckout (resonance) up to 20 GHz (i.e., the harmonic signal content is preserved)
  • Rugged two piece Edge Rate™ contact system for increased mating cycles and reliability compared to paddle card style interface
  • Positive latching system
  • Overall braided shield and gasket for EMI protection
  • Die cast housing provides EMI control and rugged strain relief
  • Highly flexible 32 AWG shielded Low Skew Pair Cable (25mm bend radius vs. 35mm compared to I-Passt™)
  • Small form factor PCB mount housing saves board and panel real estate
  • Cable flex life up to 500 cycles (180’ bend per EIA 364-41)
  • Supports:  Fibre Channel, SAS, SATA, PCI Express®, HyperTransport™, Serial Rapid I/O, InfiniBand

(rev 3/24/2010)


Samtec Powerstrip™/10 Interconnects

Powerstrip™/10 Interconnects Offer High Power in Small Package...

Samtec’s newest line of power interconnect solutions is the PowerStrip™/10 family featuring an ultra small, space saving design and dual leaf blade contacts capable of carrying from 14A to 23A per contact at a 30?C temperature rise (depending on the number of contacts powered).

PowerStrip™/10 Socket and Terminal Strips (UPS/UPT Series) are available in vertical or right angle orientations for co-planar and perpendicular applications with a choice of 7mm or 10mm standard stack heights. The .150” (3,81mm) pitch system may be configured with 2, 4, 6, or 8 power pins and offers a typical current carrying capacity (CCC) of 21A per contact (rated at 80?C with four gold plated contacts powered). An optional locking clip for additional stability in rugged applications is also available.

Samtec’s PowerStrip™ product line also includes systems with typical current carrying capacities of 25A and 35A per contact (dependant on temperature and number of contacts powered). PowerStrip™/25 connectors on 5mm (.197”) pitch include Power and Power/Signal Combos, a Hinged design for 90? mating, and a Discrete Wire Cable system. PowerStrip™/35 connectors on .250” (6,35mm) pitch are available in Power or Power/Signal Combos. In addition the 0.150” (3,81mm) Hermaphroditic PowerStrip™/10 System UPPT Series available with 2, 4, 6, and 8 contacts has been released for sale.

(rev 3/17/2010)


Samtec IP68 Rectangle Acclimate

Sealed Ethernet Panel Mount and Cable Assembly...

Samtec has released for sale the RPBE and RCE Series of IP68 Rectangle Acclimate™, Sealed Ethernet Panel Mount and Cable Assembly. Also now available is the RCEF Series Ethernet Field Termination Kit in two cable diameter ranges.

Acclimate™ Sealed Rectangulars offer direct termination from panel-to-PCB (in perpendicular and parallel orientations) for space saving applications. Assemblies are also available in cable-to-PCB versions for applications where the board is not directly adjacent to the panel. Rectangular AccliMateTM systems offer a unique push-to- seal latching system allowing easier mating and requiring less space to mate connectors and cables.

  • RCE: DCRE-01-C-01
  • RPBE: One Port – DCRE-01-P-01; Two Ports – DCRE-02-P-01
  • RCEF: Ethernet Field Termination Kit in two cable diameter ranges

Additional Rectangular Acclimates™ in designed and scheduled for release late April or early May: RCT/RPCT/RPBT- IP68 Sealed Rectangle Acclimate™, Tiger Eye™ Panel Mount and Cable Assembly and RPB1/RC1 - IP68 Sealed Rectangle Acclimate™, Mini Mate® Panel Mount and Cable Assembly.

(rev 6/9/2010)



Sullins Hi-Temp Headers and Card Edge Connectors

Hi-Temp Headers and Card Edge Connectors...

Sullins Connector Solutions, Inc. has expanded their comprehensive portfolio of high-temperature devices to include Hi-Temp 0.100" (2.54 mm) contact centerline male headers that support an operating temperature range of -65 degrees C to +150 degrees C.  The new single- and dual-row Hi-Temp headers are offered to complement Sullins' full series of Hi-Temp dual-row card edge connectors which support an operating temperature range of -65 degrees C to +250 degrees C, and are provided in 0.039" (1.0 mm), 0.050" (1.27 mm), 0.100" (2.54 mm), 0.125" (3.18 mm) and 0.156 (3.96 mm) contact centerline versions.   Engineered to provide unparalleled design flexibility and manufacturing efficiency, parts may be ordered in dip solder, wire wrap, right angle bend, and card extender termination styles, as well as in straight and right angle plated through hole (PTH) and surface mount (SMT) versions.  Available mounting styles include clearance holes, flush mounting, threaded inserts, straddle mount, floating bobbin, side mounting and open card slot.  The new headers are available with varied head and tail length options to permit custom and standard applications.  Materials are UL94V-0 rated and withstand reflow processes up to 260 degrees C peak for 120 seconds max.

Intended for employment in high-density applications in which board spacing and total weight are factors, Sullins' Hi-Temp card edge connectors and headers are ideal in a wide array of consumer, industrial, and commercial applications.  They are most frequently used in test and burn-in oven facilities, electronic component testing, communication equipment, medical equipment instrumentation, power converters and power supplies, along with aerospace and automotive systems and products.

The Hi-Temp card edge connectors and new, Hi-Temp headers feature a current rating of from 1 A to 3 A maximum per contact.  Dual-row card edge connectors are offered with from 2 to 120 contacts per row, whereas headers are provided in single- and dual-row configurations with 1 to 36 contacts per row.  Devices are supplied with full gold or selective gold plating options.   Parts boast a high mating cycle of 500 cycles minimum. 

(rev 5/5/2010)

Tamura Corporation of America
Tamura Up to 1000 KVA Transformers for Wind Turbines, Industrial Power Generators, Filter Reactors, and more

Up to 1000 KVA Transformers for Wind Turbines, Industrial Power Generators, Filter Reactors, and more...

Romarsh, a recent acquisition by Tamura, has full design, prototyping and manufacturing capability for custom or standard built products. Their product range includes transformer and inductor (both single and 3 phase), DC choke, battery charger, automatic voltage regulator, transformer-rectifier and turn-key systems for a wide variety of industrial market sectors. Power rating from 50VA to 1000kVA power, operating frequency from DC to 500kHz and operating voltage to 25kV are typically encompassed. They have achieved notable success in development of specialised products such as medium to high frequency power reactors, transformers, line filter inductors, harmonic suppression and K-factor transformers. Many of these incorporate advanced magnetic materials and innovative design techniques offering superior electrical, thermal and mechanical performance.

Applications of Romarsh Products: Low voltage distribution, AC/DC power supplies & UPS, Inverter / converter systems, Telecommunications, Process control, Machine drives / Motor control, Turbo / micro turbine generators, UV technology, Ozone & corona generation, Construction, Electro-Medical equipment, Refrigeration/air conditioning, Lighting, Environmental test equipment, Wind turbine generation, Mining, and Broadcast transmission equipment.

(rev. 7/1/2010)

Tamura Miniature Switch Mode Power Supply

Miniature Switch Mode Power Supply...

Tamura Corporation of America announces the Miniature Switch Mode Power Supply TYP60 Series. Specifications include:

  • 50 watts output power
  • 70% TYP efficiency
  • Input voltage: 90-264 VAC, 47-63 Hz, single phase
  • Input protection: Internal AC line fuse; 250 VAC, 3.15A
  • EMC: 47CFR FCC part 15; and CISPR22/EN55022 Class B
  • Remote sense: Standard on V1 up to 400mV of cable drop All outputs are protected against loss of sense leads with internal sense connections
  • Overvoltage protect: V1 and V2 factory set @ 20% ±10% of nominal Vout
  • MTBF: MIL-STD-HDBK 217E >180,000 hours @ 25°C Highly Accelerated Life Testing

Contact Schuster Sales Representatives today for more information or click to view specs for the Typ60 Switch Mode Power Supply.

(rev. 7/1/2010)

Torex XCL SeriesCoil-integrated Step-Down DC/DC Converters

Coil-integrated Step-Down DC/DC Converters...

The Torex new micro DC/DC XCL series of coil-integrated step-down DC/DC converters achieves both a reduction of the mounting area and good characteristics by means of a simple structure whereby the coil is placed on top of the complete DC/DC converter IC. To simplify the manufacturing process of the XCL series, Torex developed a structure for integration of the DC/DC converter with the coil whereby a depression is formed in the center of the coil and the XC9235/XC9236/XC92237 series is inserted into the depression and affixed. This eliminates the high cost associated with a complex process This structure also makes it possible to mount the top coil electrodes and the IC pins directly onto the PCB, allowing the DC/DC converter wiring to be accomplished by means of the PCB layout. Features include:

  • Input Voltage Range : 2.0V ~ 6.0V(A/B/C)
  • Output Voltage Range : 0.8V ~ 4.0V
  • High-Frequency : 90%(TYP)@VOUT=1.8V from VIN=2.4V
  • Output Current : 600mA
  • Maximum Duty Cycle: 100%

Applications: Smart Phones, Handheld Game Console, PDAs, Portable communication modems, Digital cameras, Video recorders

(rev 5/12/2010)

Transducers USA
Transducers USA Audio Alerts for Almost Any Weather Condition

Audio Alerts for Almost Any Weather Condition...

From -40 to 175°F, Transducers USA’s Model TRIE-2612P4H Audio Alerts are a superior choice for use in harsh environmental conditions. The Model TRIE-2612P4H is offered in a high temperature PPO plastic housing furnished with pin terminals in gray as the standards color. A variety of terminations is also available including quick connect, tabs, PC terminals and a choice of wire connection types. Sound output for the TRIE-2612P4H is an attention getting 95dB at 400Hz within a voltage range of 9 – 16 Vdc @25mA

Applications: off-the-road vehicles, snow mobiles, mobile automotive equipment, semi trailers, portable battery powered equipment, or for any application facing extreme weather conditions

(rev 9/22/2009)

World Products

World Products EV(Environmental Varistors) MOV Series

New EV (Environmental Varistors) MOV Series...

  • World Products Environmental Metal Oxide Varistors series well suited for smart grid projects have UL, CSA, SEV and VDE approvals. VDE approvals are in conjunction with IEC61051-2. Plus specific types comply with Accelerated Aging Test Requirements per ANSI/IEEE C62.11. The factory is ISO and TS16949 certified. Taped Parts conform to EIA standards. All electrical specifications are to industry standards with definitions conforming to IEEE specifications. Solderability to MIL STD. Epoxy flammability rating of 94V0.
  • RoHS Compliance - Metal Oxide Varistors utilizing suffix (-N) denoting RoHS compliant types for disk sizes 05, 07, 10, 14, 18, 20, 25, 32, 34, 40, and 53 purchased from World Products, LLC. comply with RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 January 2003 on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment. Our metal oxide varistors contain a maximum concentration value of 0.1% by weight in homogeneous materials for lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls (PBB) and polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE) and of 0.01% weight in homogeneous materials for cadmium.
  • Product consistency is maintained through extremely stringent quality and statistical control. On-line automatic test equipment provides 100% inspection.
  • Extensive selection of equivalents to essentially all metal oxide varistor types. All specifications available for proper accurate design-in purposes.
  • Extremely low leakage current levels achieved and exceptional surge handling capability through proprietary formulations.
  • Epoxy conformity and control providing for consistent physical dimensions and improved solderability.
  • Varistor product design flexibility and quick design cycles in order to assist our customers with their most stringent varistor applications.

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World Products Thermally Fused Metal Oxide Varistors

New Thermally Fused Metal Oxide Varistors...

World Products announces the new TVZ Series two or three-leaded thermally protected metal oxide varistor. One lead of the TVZ varistor is connected to a thermal fuse which is designed to open when the varistor is under sustained abnormal over-voltage conditions. The TVZ series is designed to meet the abnormal over-voltage requirements of UL 1449 3rd edition, Section 39.4.

Traditional Metal Oxide Varistors withstand 150% of its rated voltage for a given duration. But Metal Oxide Varistors may fail to a short-circuit condition or fail to open when subjected to sustained steady-state over-voltage above its rated specifications. TVZ has a thermal fuse integrated with an MOV disk that responds to the MOV temperature and disconnects the MOV from the line, should the temperature or voltage exceed a certain level.

World Products Inc. three-leaded device is designed to be connected, via the monitor lead, to an indicator (such as an LED) to provide diagnostic features indicating if the MOV is disconnected from the circuit in the event the fuse element opens.

As a result of the integration of the thermal fuse attached to the MOV disc, Thermally Fused Varistors provide an instant response to unexpected over-voltage situations. Lower inductance is another benefit of the inclusion of a thermal fuse, enhancing clamping performance to sudden over-voltage transients. World Products Inc. Thermally Protected Varistors offer protection to sensitive downstream electric components.

Additionally, TVZ varistors are wave solderable which simplifies end product assembly by reducing the expense and rework associated with hand soldering operations. Features include:

  • Disk sizes: 14mm, 18mm, 20mm, 25mm, and 34mm
  • Two & Three leaded types
  • UL1449 3rd Edition Recognized
  • RoHS compliant types available
  • Low Leakage Current under normal operating voltage
  • Wave solderable
  • High Surge Current Rating up to 40kA
  • -55°C to 85°C Operating Temperature Range
  • ISO and TS16949 certification

Applications: Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor (TVSS) Products, AC Panel Protection Modules, AC Line Power Supplies, Surge Protected Strip, AC Power Meters, Uninterruptable Power Supply, White Goods, Inverters, DIN Rail, and AC/DC Power Supplies

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